About Us

We are a small batch snack producer and this is our craft. 

Sweet comfort snacks with a surprisingly tasty kick.

We started by making these delectable treats during holidays and giving them out as gifts. By popular demand we pursued this passion for good food and obsessive liking for flavorful spices to another level.  So now everybody can enjoy them 

any time of the day, any day of the year!

Yes we love snacking and like most of us,  

we crave for something sweet in our snacks. 

We get you. We'd like to indulge too once in a while. 

But do you sometimes get the feeling that

just sweet simply doesn't cut it?

This is where our inspired snack creations come in.

We put in new flavors, texture, dimension and of course, nutrition.  

Lightly sweet snacks with a boost in taste and nutrition 

from different herbs, roots, superfoods and exotic spices.

After all, we simply aim to hit that spot

of sweet cravings and desire for a little spice. 

We invite you to let our signature "Sweet Kick"

 excite your taste buds and warm your heart!

By the way, we also keep it simple, 

nothing artificial, nothing complicated.